Біліміңді еңбек пен өмірдің өзінде шыңдап отыр! Сонда ғана "Білім" деп аталатын асыл тас ешқашан тот баспастан жалтырай да жарқырай береді.

    March 28, in the second competitive day of the festival "Spring in KazNTU" program was presented Institute of information and telecommunication technologies. The student's youth of this institute at university is famous for its the remarkable dances.


    On March 26, K.I. Satpayev KazNTU developer software package Mathematica and scientific search engine Wolfram Alpha Stephen Wolfram gave a master class "The future of information technology and information".


Congratulations to the participants of the Olympiad "Time to study in Russia", held February 17, 2015 for learning master degree leading universities of Russia on technical specialties.


    The Republican State Enterprise on the basis of a Right of Economic Jurisdiction Kazakh National Technical University named after K.I. Satpayev of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan (hereinafter - RSE on the basis of REJKazNTU),having its registered office: 050013, Almaty city, Bostandyk district, Satpayev str., 22 more information...

    Dear users of our site, announces the launch of a new web resource KAZNTU SANDYK (http://sandyk.kazntu.kz/) !!! This resource has started its work with a placement test examination tests. Hopefully, common efforts, we will increase the number of useful and indeed the information for you, and our chest will become a storehouse of knowledge. Follow the news KAZNTU SANDYK.


   In connection with the beginning of Signing Campign, please be informed that: Reguests should be adressed to Scientific Library Complection Department (GMK - 191 room) according to "Newspapers and magazines catalogue".


     We invite you to participate in the work of International Satpayev readings - 2015 – 2015 «The role and place of young scientists in implementation the new economic policy of Kazakhstan».


    You can examine literature of the novelties on the site of library in the section - "Bulletin of the novelties" or according to the http://e-lib.kazntu.kz/node/490. Among novelties it is possible to find books on all branches of knowledge.

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